Marble Care

Marble is a naturally formed materials processed over millions of years, after being subjected to extreme pressure and temperature. Hence, marble is a as tough a material as nature can produce, with intricate patterns and re-crystallised forms. With proper care and know-how, your marble product is able to look as good as new for a long period.

Being a natural material, marble is porous. This means that some liquids and other harsh products can seep into the marble basin and cause staining and/or discoloration. Although, our marble basins have been applied with stone sealer, there is no guarantee that certain unwanted elements is able to be absorbed. 

Cleaning marble sink
Regularly clean your marble with a mild dish detergent or cleaner specifically meant for stone or marble. This can be purchased at a local hardware store. Apply a small amount of cleaner to a soft cloth and rub evenly over the marble. Thoroughly rinse with water. Completely dry with a cloth afterward to prevent water from seeping into the marble or water spots from forming on the surface.

Wipe up spills on the marble immediately. Because of the porous nature of marble, it will absorb liquid and possibly could form a permanent stain. Once water spots or stains appear on the surface, they are difficult to remove, but not impossible. Do not allow mineral deposits such as iron, salt, lime, or soap to build up on your sink as this will dull the finish and possibly stain the marble.

What not to use!
Do not use acidic products or abrasive cleaners on the marble, such as ammonia, vinegar, alcohol, window cleaners or lemon juice as these can cause permanent etching on the surface and can eat away at the marble.

When exposed to acidic materials such as wine, the pores in the marble open up, and the marble becomes more absorbent.

In addition, avoid using abrasive scouring pads such as steel wool or metal brushes as these could also scratch the marble surface.

If water rings form on the marble, it may be best to have the sink re-polished by a professional to help remove them.